Sunday, October 28, 2012

Men are like shoes

Men are like shoes...
Sometimes you cannot find something valuable through the hundreds of pairs. Some seems to be ok, but anyway it’s not "that one". It’s not yours. Shopping, fitting...  make you so exhausting ... Sometimes, when you are not up to this, you are finding something is eye catching. That's it!! It is - mine. However, then you realize that it was mistake and you send another pair to the women's closet.

Women's shoe closet.  Storage of memories...there you can find winter boots, sandals with flowers, that you wear just a couple of times on holiday, lacquer 'show shoes', sneakers, boots, black casual shoes, boots with lacing tape, red shoes with killer heels - how much!!! And ... what's this? Shoes on high heels with feathers? Did I once wear this? So it is the same with men ... and if they're not around, they go to "shoe shelves"

Favorite shoes. They really loved - you picked them yourself. Beautiful, comfortable, can have designer's strange look, or simple one - without unnecessary accessoires and whistles. Exclusive. You will never buy exactly the same. No!
Maybe once you will find something very similar or even close to this - if your are lucky. Then you realize that you missing...

Shoes can not leave you - they can be worn, out of fashion, just bored, even heel or instep can be broken under your weight;))) After all - they can be lost or forgotten somewhere.... Then you come back - looking, crying, thinking about who is taken them away or thrown out, thinking that they are rubbish. Of course, you will be sad about it. Sorry. But at the same time you will think about where to go for the new ones))))


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Main trends autumn-winter 2012-13

        I think it's very interested to know - what will be fashionable to wear in the upcoming winter. Here is the information I found to all your reference)

 1.  Masculine style

there is nothing that emphasizes female nature as men's clothing. It is nature, not the shape. Clothes in masculine style hide the female form, but at the same time it emphasizes the female character: the defenseless and strong at the same time. Perhaps this is the main trend of the season autumn-winter 2012-2013. And it's almost in everything.

2.  Exaggerated layering
Part of it - it's a skirt over trousers. By the way, this trend was not invented by the designers, and the Soviet schoolgirl, who was dressed in winter uniforms over sports trousers to wear more quickly to physical education, and in general, the heat :-) I will not touch the Muslim outfits, there is another style.

Another element of layering: two jackets, straight jacket or coat. I saw often these images on a street fashion blogs. Is fashion gone in the opposite direction from the street to the podium, or I missed something?

If before layering was airy, almost invisible, was present in such styles as Boho, folklore, street, grunge, romantic. Now layering explicit, with clear lines of browsing, more direct, and it can be attributed to the classic style. It seems that designers fetters female body in cloth, folding it like origami. Left to guess what's under your clothes...
3. Fabric: bright fur and leather
 As for the color of fur, I'm against it. But no one asks me:-) states: coat should be short, bright, and voluminous. Options in the form of removable collars and boas all sorts of colors in addition to the most ordinary everyday images.


4. Vests 2012-2013: Direct extended shoulder

Vests by themselves do not pass the second season of fashion items. They are in trend and decorated with embroidery, sequins, appliqué, plain and austere,  knit, and in military style, folk, casual, safari, glam rock. Any kind, just designers have found a new form for them. Extended shoulder line, made women tough. This can be achieved with a cloth or shoulder pads. This sort of thing creates a triangular silhouette, very trendy, sporty and fit. Therefore, the best his fellow tight pants, shorts or skirts.


5. Skirts: focus on hips

Strengthening trend in 2012 declared the femininity of clothing with simple steps. Skirt barrel, large prints, sweaters overhead and large welt pockets. Skirts down to the hips, in dresses fastened straps at the waist. Large soft folds and trapeze silhouette - the most fashionable skirts in autumn-winter 2012-2013.


6. Outerwear 2012-2013: deflated armhole

This form of coats and jackets is a huge advantage. They just made ​​for women with a figure "drop" or "pear". Broad sloping shoulders attract attention and visually balanced with the hips. Narrower bottom clothing ( with such a direct shoulders even coat will look narrowed) does and thigh already stricter straighter. With such comfortable, cozy coat even sweater can hook :-) So, coats or jackets in 2013 seemed to be not only fashionable, but also elegant with the emphasis on the fabric (which in general should always be done with just a silhouette of clothing). Qualitative drape tweed, cashmere, easy to take and soft draped silhouette line.

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