Sunday, October 28, 2012

Men are like shoes

Men are like shoes...
Sometimes you cannot find something valuable through the hundreds of pairs. Some seems to be ok, but anyway it’s not "that one". It’s not yours. Shopping, fitting...  make you so exhausting ... Sometimes, when you are not up to this, you are finding something is eye catching. That's it!! It is - mine. However, then you realize that it was mistake and you send another pair to the women's closet.

Women's shoe closet.  Storage of memories...there you can find winter boots, sandals with flowers, that you wear just a couple of times on holiday, lacquer 'show shoes', sneakers, boots, black casual shoes, boots with lacing tape, red shoes with killer heels - how much!!! And ... what's this? Shoes on high heels with feathers? Did I once wear this? So it is the same with men ... and if they're not around, they go to "shoe shelves"

Favorite shoes. They really loved - you picked them yourself. Beautiful, comfortable, can have designer's strange look, or simple one - without unnecessary accessoires and whistles. Exclusive. You will never buy exactly the same. No!
Maybe once you will find something very similar or even close to this - if your are lucky. Then you realize that you missing...

Shoes can not leave you - they can be worn, out of fashion, just bored, even heel or instep can be broken under your weight;))) After all - they can be lost or forgotten somewhere.... Then you come back - looking, crying, thinking about who is taken them away or thrown out, thinking that they are rubbish. Of course, you will be sad about it. Sorry. But at the same time you will think about where to go for the new ones))))


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Main trends autumn-winter 2012-13

        I think it's very interested to know - what will be fashionable to wear in the upcoming winter. Here is the information I found to all your reference)

 1.  Masculine style

there is nothing that emphasizes female nature as men's clothing. It is nature, not the shape. Clothes in masculine style hide the female form, but at the same time it emphasizes the female character: the defenseless and strong at the same time. Perhaps this is the main trend of the season autumn-winter 2012-2013. And it's almost in everything.

2.  Exaggerated layering
Part of it - it's a skirt over trousers. By the way, this trend was not invented by the designers, and the Soviet schoolgirl, who was dressed in winter uniforms over sports trousers to wear more quickly to physical education, and in general, the heat :-) I will not touch the Muslim outfits, there is another style.

Another element of layering: two jackets, straight jacket or coat. I saw often these images on a street fashion blogs. Is fashion gone in the opposite direction from the street to the podium, or I missed something?

If before layering was airy, almost invisible, was present in such styles as Boho, folklore, street, grunge, romantic. Now layering explicit, with clear lines of browsing, more direct, and it can be attributed to the classic style. It seems that designers fetters female body in cloth, folding it like origami. Left to guess what's under your clothes...
3. Fabric: bright fur and leather
 As for the color of fur, I'm against it. But no one asks me:-) states: coat should be short, bright, and voluminous. Options in the form of removable collars and boas all sorts of colors in addition to the most ordinary everyday images.


4. Vests 2012-2013: Direct extended shoulder

Vests by themselves do not pass the second season of fashion items. They are in trend and decorated with embroidery, sequins, appliqué, plain and austere,  knit, and in military style, folk, casual, safari, glam rock. Any kind, just designers have found a new form for them. Extended shoulder line, made women tough. This can be achieved with a cloth or shoulder pads. This sort of thing creates a triangular silhouette, very trendy, sporty and fit. Therefore, the best his fellow tight pants, shorts or skirts.


5. Skirts: focus on hips

Strengthening trend in 2012 declared the femininity of clothing with simple steps. Skirt barrel, large prints, sweaters overhead and large welt pockets. Skirts down to the hips, in dresses fastened straps at the waist. Large soft folds and trapeze silhouette - the most fashionable skirts in autumn-winter 2012-2013.


6. Outerwear 2012-2013: deflated armhole

This form of coats and jackets is a huge advantage. They just made ​​for women with a figure "drop" or "pear". Broad sloping shoulders attract attention and visually balanced with the hips. Narrower bottom clothing ( with such a direct shoulders even coat will look narrowed) does and thigh already stricter straighter. With such comfortable, cozy coat even sweater can hook :-) So, coats or jackets in 2013 seemed to be not only fashionable, but also elegant with the emphasis on the fabric (which in general should always be done with just a silhouette of clothing). Qualitative drape tweed, cashmere, easy to take and soft draped silhouette line.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

20 rules of how to look "classy" (gorgeous) on a tight budget

       “I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to  wear.” —Katherine Hepburn

Very often, watching different  fashion resources, running into the discussion and debate of how to be and look "classy". Long wondered why this concept is so popular?
To start, lets find a direct definition:

  -  meaning very stylish, posh and elegant. 

For me, all cleared with the synonym posh, well, who doesn't know sample "chic and elegance" Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham?
On the rules and principles, how to look and behave well, expensive, and look stylish, with modest investments, so lively debate western ladies and gentlemen.
In this short article I want to highlight, in my opinion and in my free interpretation, the most common guidelines and rules in the spirit of how to be and to be known as a "classy lady". So:

   - The smile on face. Yes, the one that shows you that "life is good."

   - Emotions under control. Not discuss your personal life, allow yourself to aggression and to complain of your loved ones, this behavior will not add you liking of your surroundings.

   - Polite, clear communication skills. It's all understandable, teenage slang, rude and meager vocabulary has never been a hallmark of high class.

   - Measure alcohol. Lady will not allow hirself to get drunk and behave indecently.

   - Keep your word. Better just to say 'no' for an invitation than first agree for not to be rude, but then simply not come.

    - Prance and tidy postures. Beauties of all times remember how important is to control your body. Shoulders back, tummy drawn, smile, chin raised.

   - Monitor health and hygiene. Tone the body, teeth, nails, hair, smell - all need to be carefully reviewed. Good care of yourselves, always gives great results, improving both health and self-esteem, and appearance.

   - Stripping can be one thing or the other. If we'r choosing to wear a mini dress, then avoid too open neckline, if show cleavage, then  legs better slightly cover under the midi or maxi length, etc.

   - Avoid vulgar clothes which signals cheapness, bad taste and availability of girls dressed her.

   - Stop on natural fabrics. Be sure to discern the composition, choosing clothes. Give preference clothing in which the advantage of cotton, cashmere, jersey, etc.

  - Avoid too tight clothing. Low-dimensional clothing does not look sexy, as is commonly believed, but rather look stupid and vulgar.

   - Not allowed torn, old and stained clothes. Even if you are not expecting guests, there is always the risk of being caught off guard, in addition, watch out your loved ones from the unpleasant spectacle.

  - When you do not know what to choose, preference is given neutral tones: beige, khaki and black.

   - Leggings, "treggings", or "jeggings" are NOT  trousers. Such clothing to be worn only with long tops, tunics and blouses, cover your you know what.

   - Simplicity - a sign of taste. The simpler the silhouette of your dress and your hair, the less you have to all the bright, shiny and unnatural, the more chances you have to pass for a girl with good taste.

   - Right accessories basis beautiful wardrobe. Do not neglect the scarves, shawls, good sunglasses and expensive jewelry. Higher-quality accessories for wearing modest clothing which r not lux will transform your look, made to look "more expensive."

   - Inscriptions rhinestones and logos on clothes - it's bad taste.

   - There is no shortcut. Short tops and shirts barely covering the navel - always look bad.

   - Day and evening make-up is different. The desire to look brighter and more beautiful, and sometimes leads to the opposite result.

    - Invest in high quality stuff. For example, what do you wear most often, simply must be of high quality, and therefore sustainable.

Yes, maybe many of such rules can seem banal, it's for better, but more often we can face of  their disdain ...

Of course, these rules can be more added ... I will waiting for your suggestions

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Mango shirt, Bershka jeans, Carolina Herrera belt, Zara heels, Louis Vuitton bag, vintage necklace

Details can be key when you put an outfit together. Just a white (skulls;) shirt, blue jeans, some interesting jewelery and your ready to go!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Typical Summer Look

Bershka dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Unteriqe sundals

Happy Sunday everyone! This past week has been hotter than hot in Ukraine. And his is a pretty typical hot weather outfit for me: sundress, sundals, and a small bag on a sholder.

Japanese vintage dress

Japanese vintage dress, Zara heels, Ray Ban sunglasses.

Today I wear an 'Uber' Fantastic dress that my friend presented for me long ago. I am an afficianado of Eastern culture and this dress is enough to make my jaw drop. It is entirely lined, has a hidden zipper up the side and snaps beneath the royal black and red dragon. The fabric feels like a thick satin but is most likely a combination of Rayon and Silk. The highly detailed Red Dragon, that I'm sure have detailed meaning.  I truly can't explain the exquisite aura of this dress and can only come close to feel it.
Stay stylish,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Feels like a summer evening...

Zara shirt, Zara skirt, Top shop bag, Milang wedges.

This was an evening outfit when the sun set and it was getting a little chilly. Personally for me, bright colors are must have for every summer. Orange is my favorite this season.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Five minutes to love

Pull & Bear dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Zara heels, H&M accessories

 There is nothing quite like a beautiful long red dress gliding through the streets to turn a few heads. For me long dresses are synonymous to summer style. This season the maxi gets voluminous and layered with playful hemline. I belive that these simple dresses are dynamic enough to look great on any body types. This evening I went out for a dinner with my girlfriends and this is what I wore! A vibrant red-orange maxi dress from Pull&Bear. It was a wonderful evening! I hope you're having a greate summer, whether it's bank holiday or not  :) 
Stay Stylish!
xo xo

Monday, July 16, 2012


Miss Selfridge dress, Zara heels, Cristian Dior sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jackobs bag

Floral prints have always been a prom-night staple, but rocking your frock with flower appliqués takes any number to the next level
This trend is kind of funny to me…once upon a time it would have been a fashion ‘tabu’ to layer un-matching florals…but now a days…totally cool  
Aside from the flower power, the breezy/blow in the wind sheer fabrics of both the babydoll dress (hello, I <3>s) and low high heels makes this my newly discovered most comfortable outfit…

Love you, Elvie  XOX

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tasty as an orange

H&M shirt, Mango skirt, Zara heels, Ray Ban sunglasses

Hello everyone!Today for a meeting with my friends I chose to wear peach color plisse skirt with orange baroco shirt. I complete outfit with Zara wedges. I know these orange shoes become already annoying, as every fashionista has it, but I still believe they are perfect for this season. Orange is the biggest trend this summer, so any outfit is working very well with these wedges.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

From Doha to Ukraine

Stradivarius dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Zara heels, Dior sunglasses

Yes! It did happen! I finally came to Ukraine, after two years! This time I came together with my beautiful little girl. I cannot even describe how happy I was to meet my parents and friends in the airport. My mom cried, she first time saw her granddaughter. We are spending our days all together at parent’s house, receiving relatives and friends; enjoying wonderful weather. I'm trying to spend as more time as possible outside with Katy. That she will have possibility to breathe fresh air and see nature, as we don’t have such possibility in Qatar. Now there is extremely hot, around + 50 C. On that walk in a city I decided to wear white Stradivarius dress, with some east ornament. Influence of Middle East is still strong ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Magenta and Turquoise

Jennyfer jeans, Massimo Dutti shirt, Milano bag, Christian Louboutin heels, Dior sunglasses

My another color-blocking combo;)
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