Sunday, October 28, 2012

Men are like shoes

Men are like shoes...
Sometimes you cannot find something valuable through the hundreds of pairs. Some seems to be ok, but anyway it’s not "that one". It’s not yours. Shopping, fitting...  make you so exhausting ... Sometimes, when you are not up to this, you are finding something is eye catching. That's it!! It is - mine. However, then you realize that it was mistake and you send another pair to the women's closet.

Women's shoe closet.  Storage of memories...there you can find winter boots, sandals with flowers, that you wear just a couple of times on holiday, lacquer 'show shoes', sneakers, boots, black casual shoes, boots with lacing tape, red shoes with killer heels - how much!!! And ... what's this? Shoes on high heels with feathers? Did I once wear this? So it is the same with men ... and if they're not around, they go to "shoe shelves"

Favorite shoes. They really loved - you picked them yourself. Beautiful, comfortable, can have designer's strange look, or simple one - without unnecessary accessoires and whistles. Exclusive. You will never buy exactly the same. No!
Maybe once you will find something very similar or even close to this - if your are lucky. Then you realize that you missing...

Shoes can not leave you - they can be worn, out of fashion, just bored, even heel or instep can be broken under your weight;))) After all - they can be lost or forgotten somewhere.... Then you come back - looking, crying, thinking about who is taken them away or thrown out, thinking that they are rubbish. Of course, you will be sad about it. Sorry. But at the same time you will think about where to go for the new ones))))


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